What I wish I knew as a Graduating Senior From College

Today is the one month mark until my college graduation.. AGAIN.. One month until graduation.. UHM.. What?!.. It’s surreal how fast the past 3  1/2 years have gone by.  I look back and wonder what I could have done differently to make my college career better.  However, I don’t regret any decisions I made throughout my four years.. I had the most amazing time with some of the most important people in my life.  I loved my time in college and I know I made the most of it.  If I had the opportunity I would give this advice to every college student before they graduate.

  1. Study Abroad– Just do it.  I did not get the chance to study abroad and I wish I did.  If I could go back in time, I would take a semester to study abroad (preferably my sophomore or junior year).  Going across the country will allow you to expand as an individual. You will make MANY memories and you will have MANY once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, just study abroad.. you will not regret that decision.. I promise.
  2. JOIN JOIN JOIN– Join as many organizations/clubs as you can.  I know you’re thinking ‘Ugh, I don’t have time for that’.. but you do! It’s possible.  Most organizations have meetings once a week.  Each semester join a different organization.. It looks absolutely amazing on your resume!  Throughout my last semester at college, I joined TWO more organizations.. just more that I could add to my resume. Not only does it look great on your resume, but it’s also a great way to meet new people.  I joined a club all alone and met new friends! Yeah, it’s difficult walking into a meeting alone.. but BE CONFIDENT! So PLEASE if you are a student still in college, go out there and research a new organization to join and attend the meetings.  Be confident, brave and professional and you will gain a sense of happiness from this.
  3. Be a leader– Whether it’s for an organization/club or class project, be in charge.  I am the most shy, quiet, unexpected individual you would think of to take upon the role of leading an organization. But one day I decided to step out of my comfort zone and run for a position with a organization at my college. Becoming the leader of an organization has changed me in SO many ways. I cannot stress how much I learned from being a leader for a organization.  You learn so much that you will not learn anywhere else! Whether it’s for a class project or club organization, step out of your comfort zone and run for a position! It will do nothing but positivity affect your life.
  4. Stay single– From a girl who’s always been in long relationships, I learned the importance of being single..especially in college.  During this time you have to learn to love yourself and develop yourself.. You don’t always need someone by your side (I still don’t think I’ve learned this).  When you have a boyfriend, you miss out on so many fun opportunities with your girlfriends! If you have a boyfriend and are in college you’re probably like “Yeah..Right” and hating me right now. But trust me.. once you get sucked in that relationship you are oblivious to everything going on around you. I have many girlfriends who are obsessed with their boyfriends to the point where their friends don’t want to hang out with them anymore.  It sucks losing one of your best friends to a boy.. So don’t do it.. Enjoy the single life throughout college.. go out there have fun with your girlfriends. You’re too young to be stuck to a man.. You have MANY years ahead of you for that! Enjoy your freedom & STAY SINGLE!
  5. Don’t over-stress- With exam upon exam upon exam how can’t you stress.. It’s difficult not too. Just take every difficult stressful day step by step and make little moves.  Don’t over-stress.. it’s not worth it. Stress effects your health and is TERRIBLE for you! I look back at when I was stressed most in college and I wish I could tell myself “It’s just a test..It’s not a life or death situation, you’ll do fine”.  I can remember many times to where I was balling my eyes out in my dorm room because of how stressed I was.. so just don’t do it. Forget the stress.. distract yourself. Tell yourself that everything will be okay!
  6. Have fun– It’s college. Relax and take a shot. Have a wine night with your girls. Go to a frat party. Pledge a sorority. Enjoy the freedom as a college student.
  7. Keep your standards high– Yeah it’s college and yeah I told you to have fun.. but keep your standards high. Don’t downgrade yourself and lose control.  Remember your values as an individual, don’t lose sight of the person you are. Be proud of the individual you want to look back at someday.
  8. Stay active– Workout..Go for walks..Go hiking..Volunteer at the local animal shelter walking dogs.. Go to the gym..Just get out of bed every morning and do something. I need to tell myself this everyday.  It’s so important to get up and move. The freshman 15 is TRUE..There is even such thing as sophomore and junior 15! Even as a senior, it’s still possible!  It will happen! Prevent it by staying active.. Make a goal to complete any type of physical activity once a day..Whether it’s parking that extra spot at the grocery store.. just do it!
  9. Go to events!– Your campus has many, many events going on every single week.  How many of them have you actually gone to? Finally, as a senior I realized how much fun and beneficial going to your campus’ events actually are.  Whether it’s informational or social.. go to it! Your peers took the time to create and set up that event for YOU.. so thank them by attending.  I’ve gone to many different events..ironically more as I’m getting older.. and I have always had a great time. Yeah they may be a little boring at times, but walking out of the event you get that ‘high’.. a great feeling..feeling like you made a difference from helping someone out (at least I do!). Go out and attend a event this week.. Make a difference, it’ll make someone else feel great.
  10. ALWAYS make room for girl time– I cannot stress the importance of girl time. When I was a senior in high school I lost the connection with majority of my girlfriends because I was stuck on a man.  I regret this time lost so much.  Throughout college I’ve learned that it’s incredibly important to spend time with your girls.  I ALWAYS make sure that I have girl time and strictly girl time..Girl time doesn’t mean movie and invite your boyfriend.. it means take a break from your man and enjoy it with your girls! Your girls will ALWAYS be there for you! Take advantage of ANY time you have to spend with your girls. You will make the most and best memories spent with your girlfriends.

3 thoughts on “What I wish I knew as a Graduating Senior From College

  1. Hey Jess! I’m a freshman in college and I think I’ll definitely be referencing this in the future. Thank you so much 🙂 Your point regarding staying single definitely resonated with me. I just wrote this post on my page about how sometimes it seems so imperative to have a boyfriend, or for some people, not having a boyfriend and learning how to be single. I would love your advice on it! I’ve followed you and I’m looking forward to your next post.



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