Around twice a year I visit my local hair dresser asking her to trim my hair.  When I say the word ‘trim’ I mean it.. I would tell her that I just want whatever is dead to be cut off..Usually two inches-three inches at max.  My mom would always try to convince me to cut more off but I just never cared to.  My most recent visit to the hair dresser was a little different.  I walked into the hair salon and my hair dresser, ironically with the same name said “What are we doing this time?..The usual trim?” I instantly replied with “No, I’m going to cut it all off and donate it”.  She looked at me as if I wasn’t serious. “No way” she said.  “Yeah, I’m going to cut 8″-9″ off and donate it” I replied.

If you know me, you know that cutting my hair is a big deal.  I am upset with myself in how selfish I was with my long hair.  I have had long hair throughout my life and it seems to be just part of my identity.  I decided to cut my hair because I needed a change.  I needed a change in my life-something different that I have never done before. I also wanted to make an impact in someone else’s life.  I’m extremely thankful that I am able to grow hair and I wanted to donate my hair to someone who is in a little more need than I am.  I hope that my two 9″ long locks of hair will brighten some little girl or women’s day with a wig.


I feel great after donating my hair. I have not once regretted it.  Not only is it a new look for me, but knowing that I am helping someone and making a difference in their life makes me feel great.

Before                                                                 After


There are many different foundations to donate to, so if you’re looking to donate do your research!  So where did I donate my hair?  I donated my hair to Pantene’s ‘Beautiful Lengths’ organization. This is the only program to help women feel like themselves again with free, real-hair wigs.  To help others you can either donate 8 inches of hair or 8 dollars to the cause.  This program has donated more than 42,000 real-hair wigs to the National Cancer Society. Check out the web site to learn more!

Pantene ‘Beautiful Lengths’: http://pantene.com/en-us/experience-main-section2/beautiful-lengths


Go out and donate! #BeautifulLengths




2 thoughts on “#BeautifulLengths

  1. What a beautiful story, beautiful person and beautiful heart!!!! I’m so glad I ran into your blog on Community Pool. I have dear friends who have had cancer and other hair loss illnesses and I know your gift is greatly appreciated. Well done on doing your research before donating also. Not all of the organizations work the way we would like. Your hair cut looks beautiful by the way!


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